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Who does The Dirty Dash?

Umm…you do. Didn’t we go over this?

What is The Dirty Dash?

If you’ve made it past the home page, the video, and the pictures and aren’t quite clear on this, maybe try the ABOUT page. If you’ve still got questions, your only recourse is to run the race. If you’ve still got questions afterward, try the nearest Sylvan Learning Center near you.

Where is The Dirty Dash?

Click on the locations tab to see where you can play dirty with us.

When is The Dirty Dash?

All races and dates are available by clicking on the locations tab above.

How do I Dirty Dash?

You Dirty Dash however you need and however long it takes. Walk. Run. Crawl. Wallow. Skip. Clamber. Lollygag. Grovel. Just finish before sundown so the ky-oats don’t git ya.

Run it by yourself or with a team of your favorite friends, enemies and frienemies. But if you’re running this thing to break records, you might have come to the wrong place. It’s harder to PR when you have to make time for a 175-foot slip n’ slide in the middle of your race.

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Is The Dirty Dash a for-profit event or a charity event?

The Dirty Dash is a for-profit event. Each city has a local charity partner which will receive a portion of the proceeds. The amount is based on the size of the event and the involvement of the charity. The charity recruits volunteers whose time is compensated directly to the charity. We also provide extra donation opportunities, and we aim to generate awareness of the charity in the community. We have great relationships with our charity partners. Please contact your local charity if you have further questions.

Why do I Dirty Dash?

Exercise? Maybe. Camaraderie? Most likely. Fun? You bet your mud-balls. Good cause? Check.

Besides benefitting your cardiovascular system, each Dirty Dash benefits local charities through registration fees, online donations, water balloon sales, and shoe donations.

How do I sign up for The Dirty Dash?

Do you see just above this where it says "LOCATIONS"? Pick one of those and then click on the big “REGISTER” button and have at it. If you’re friends have already signed up and you’re looking to join them, check out “How do I join a team?” below.

How do I join a team?

During the registration process we'll ask if you want to go solo, join a team, or create a new team. To join a team you'll need the team captain's last name and the team name.

How do I edit my registration or my team’s registration?

Look up and right and you'll see "LOGIN" it and then enter your username and password that you created when you registered. In the member area, you’ll be able to make changes to your team (if you’re the team captain), your demographic info, your shirt sizes, and your waves. You’ll also be able to invite friends to run with you so they don’t feel left out like they did at your wedding.


What if I lose my login info?

Click Sign In at the top left of this page and select the Forgot your password option. If you're still having trouble, you can always email us and we'll help you out.

I hate being litigious. How do I sign the waiver?

If you’re signing up as an individual, as a team captain, or joining an existing team, you can sign the waiver electronically as you’re registering by just typing in your name. Easy-peasy-Japaneesy. You can have your team captain send you the waiver electronically to sign. Or if someone signed up for you, you can login with your username and your password and sign the waiver in the member area.

I’m lonely. How do I invite my friends to Dirty Dash?

Color Me Rad is like drinking or chess—it’s better when you do it with friends. There are a few easy ways to do this:

  1. You can log into the member area, put in your friends’ email addresses in the “Invite Friends” box and we’ll send the email for you.
  2. You can click on the Facebook or email button during your register to let your friends know that you want some company.
  3. You can invite them through the Facebook Event page for the race you’ve registered for.


  4. You can just call them and ask them. Or maybe a cute text.

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My registration seems screwed up; what do I do?

First, you can login to the member area with your username and password and try changing the registration info on your own. If you’ve still got issues, fill out the Contact Us form on the "CONTACT" page, select the race you’re running, and shoot us a message and we’ll help you out ASAP.

How does the team race work?

Each member of your team (anywhere from 2-100 people) runs the entire course and may encourage each other, mock each other, or drag each other over obstacles. If you run ahead of your team, you can wait for your slightly slower team members before the final mud pit where you can reunite as a team. Any team that does not have all team members finishing at the same time will be subject to public shaming. Rules for celebration are undefined. Feel free to clasp hands, smack bottoms, or open mouth kiss.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. If you are over the age of 106, we will not allow you to run. As for an AGE MINIMUM, if you are under 14 you must have your parent/guardian sign a waiver for you and run with you the entire race. if you are under 18 but older than 14 you can run with out an adult BUT must have a waiver signed by your parent/guardian. The age limit for the Piglet Plunge is 12 years old.


What’s the deal with the Piglet Plunge?

The Piglet Plunge will be the highlight of your child's summer, their storied running careers and potentially their existence to this point. They must be over age 2 and under age 12 to run in the kids' race and you’ve got to accompany them the whole way. Registration is a measly $20 and that includes what is sure to be your child's favorite t-shirt of all time. The Piglet Plunge will be about 1 mile and will include some of the best obstacles to ensure a thoroughly muddy child: the Slop n' Slide, the Hog Wash and the Pig Sty.

All children must be respectful of other children, pushing or splashing will result in being removed from the kids' race area for the day and subject to grounding at their parents’ discretion. You’ll need to sign a waiver for them before they receive a sweet Dirty Dash Tattoo (temporary of course) to show that they can participate on race day.

The Piglet Plunge will begin 80 minutes after the final adult wave starts. Please remember that you can only sign up your child for the Piglet Plunge during your race registration.

Are there Dirty Dash deals on accommodations?

We ain’t going to leave you out in the cold. Preferred accommodations with special rates for each race can be found on the race page under accommodations.

When and where is packet pickup?

You or at least one member of your team MUST pick up your race bag(s).

Your race bags will contain your custom race bibs; a race shirt you’ll be proud to wear around town, on hot dates, or at any cocktail party; some goodies from our sponsors and a sweet DD decal to place on your car. If you pick up your bag(s) before the race, it’ll cut down on lines on race day and you’ll get more chances to win stuff from our sponsors at packet pickup. Once you have picked up your packet(s) at packet pick-up you are good to go and there's no need to check-in on race day. If you’re a real procrastinator and can’t get your stuff at packet pick-up, show up at the race at least an hour before your scheduled race time to get your goods and make sure we have your signed waiver! Otherwise, we’ll curse your name aloud, blacklist you, shake our fists in the air, and you might not be able to run in your scheduled wave. How's that for some empty threats?

Dates, times and locations for Packet Pickup can be found on the race page under race day info.

What should I wear?

A full haz-mat suit might be appropriate but you can dress like who or whatever you want…as long as we don’t have to shield the eyes of small children at the mere sight of you. We’ll be handing out awards for Best Costumes all day so start planning your costumes now—come as Pauly D, Obama, Obama Girl, Chef Boyardee, Rock-Paper-Scissors…ok, ok. We’re giving away our best Halloween ideas so figure the rest out for yourself.

Can my friends and family watch?

Not only can they come and watch for FREE, but they can buy water balloons at our Hog Wash obstacle and give you the pummeling you’ve been begging for since grade school. And you’ve got to thank them for it because ALL the proceeds go right to charity. There’ll also be some great grub, some sweet swag from our sponsors, and some epic mud pit swan dives that they won't want to miss!

Is there a place I can leave my stuff while I race?

We offer a bag check area to all runners but don’t get the idea that this is your junior high school locker room-type situation. We’ll watch your stuff and do our best to keep it organized without hazing anyone, but we don’t have padlocks, lockers, or pictures of Justin Bieber taped up anywhere in the vicinity of The Dirty Dash. Sorry all you Beliebers.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Parking is FREE at most venues! HOWEVER, this does not give you the right to drive your motor home solo to the race. We do encourage you to carpool since parking is limited and we care about the environment. We'll even give out some freebies for those who pack in a carload of 5 or more people.

Will there be water stations on the course?

You think we’re going to make you go Bear Grylls’ style and squeeze your water out of the mud? C’mon. Of course, there’ll be water stations on course and at the finish line. This isn’t Survivor. It’s more like Jackass mixed with Dirty Jobs mixed with America’s Next Top Model mixed with Jon and Kate Plus 8.

What’s the distance of The Dirty Dash and how long will it take me?

Each Dirty Dash is a little bit different but here are the approximate distances of each—emphasis on approximate:

  • Utah Spring - 5.5 miles with a 3.5 mile shortcut
  • Denver - 4 Miles
  • Spokane - 4 Miles
  • Billings - 3 miles
  • Oregon - 4 miles
  • South Sound - 4 miles
  • Colorado - 3 miles
  • Boise - 4 miles
  • Missoula - 3.5 miles
  • Utah Fall - 5.5 miles with a 3.5 mile shortcut
  • New Mexico - 4 miles
  • Las Vegas - 3.1 miles

Will someone be taking photos?

The Dirty Dash is sure to be one of the best photo opps of the year, but also one of the surest ways to lose your camera in the mud. To solve this dilemma we have enlisted a team of professional photographers (with expensive equipment and liberal insurance policies) to crawl into the trenches and do the dirty work for you. Flo-Foto ( will have their photographers positioned throughout the sloppiest sections of the course in order to capture every individual and team in their dirtiest, sloppiest moments. The filthy photos will then be swiftly posted on the worldwide web to view for free or purchase at unbelievably reasonable prices so you can plaster it all over your facebook page. Please put your race numbers on the FRONT if you want to be able to find your pictures.

What if I get injured?

Don't you worry. We have several EMT's stationed around the course to make sure any boo boo is taken care of.

Can I buy Dirty Dash merchandise?

OK, so you want to run like a pig, act like a pig, and squeal like a pig---we get it, but now you want to dress like a pig? That’s cool. We’ll have t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, kids’ shirts and other Dirty Dash merchandise for sale at each race (just look for the tent with the sign outside that says “Merchandise”). Or you can buy stuff at our online store by checking it out in the Store.

How can I become a sponsor of The Dirty Dash?

If you think your brand could use some serious exposure or has been living the clean life for too long, fill out the Contact form and select “General/Sponsorship” in the dropdown box and we’ll get in touch with you in two shakes of a kittens’ whiskers.

I’m with the press. How can my organization cover The Dirty Dash?

Just go to “Contact Us” on the website, select the race you want to cover in the dropdown, and shoot us a little message and we’ll get back to you ASAP to make it happen. How could we say no?

Is this race timed?

Nope. It is just for have fun. Please try to stay out of the way of those crazy "runners" though.

What is the deal with the costumes?

Everyone loves Halloween right? Well this is just another excuse to dress up and get dirty.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Seriously? How can the weather be bad? Shame on you; your glass is clearly half-empty. If it rains, even better, more mud! The Dirty Dash is as dependable as (and far less subsidized than) the US Postal Service and goes on rain or shine, global warming or global cooling. If it gets too hot, feel free to bask in the mud pit for longer and if it gets too cold, feel free to drop into the fetal position with your teammates and cuddle for warmth.

However, rule #1 is safety first, so if there is lightning, we’ll postpone waves and running until it blows over. In case anyone was wondering, rule #2 is complete and brutal honesty amongst group members, and rule #3 is everyone hooks up with a local.

How do I transfer my registration?

The website states that the registration is non refundable but registration is fully transferable. You can login to your account with your username and password to change your information to the new participant's information and click update.

How can I volunteer for The Dirty Dash?

If the most you can do is muster the nerve to dip a toe in the mud pit, we’ll gladly take you as a volunteer and ease you into this dirty lifestyle nice and slow. Please email us at; we’ll get you front row seats to the slopshow and hook you up with the most coveted volunteer shirt around.

Typically we have volunteer shifts on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of race week.

Thursday Shifts (Packet Pick-up)

  • 1:00pm - 7:00pm
  • 3:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Saturday (Race Day)
  • 7:30am - 12:30pm
  • 11:30am - 4:30pm

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